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Puremail preserves your inbound and outbound email in secure "off-site" archives. This provides ultimate protection against accidental loss of important email - in the event your internal systems are compromised due to hardware failure, unintentional deletion of email, or deliberate foul-play.

SMART - Secure Message Archival and Retrieval Technology TM
Puremail has developed a proprietary technology "SMART" to efficiently manage message archival and retrieval. It provides flexible and customizable archival options in a truly "multi-tenant" mode. For example, you can activate archival only for selected users, and chose a desired archival frequency (weekly or monthly). SMART indexes all the messages sent/received by a user during that period, and archives them into separate volumes. These archives are compressed into individual ZIP files, which are available for download.

With advanced indexing and search features built into SMART, you have instant access to your archived messages. You can locate messages by date, or identify a specific message by its sender or subject. You can then retrieve/restore the desired messages from compressed archives - and even send them to your inbox again!

The best part is - SMART enables you to do all this and more from a web-based control panel.

Export Legacy Email
Puremail provides a seamless integration with your existing email system (e.g. Outlook/Exchange). With a simple drag-and-drop, you can transfer your old legacy email from your current unprotected system - into Puremail hosted secure archives.

By offering secure and auditable message archival, Puremail managed service is designed to help businesses meet a variety of regulatory and legal demands placed on their electronic communications.

New laws, such as such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) - mandate that businesses must preserve all electronic communications for several years. They also specify the manner in which these records must be preserved. Additional rules require that the auditors be able to review specific communications upon request.

Also, there is increased likelihood that email records will be subpoenaed in lawsuits and dispute resolution. Therefore, businesses must take pro-active approach to ensure reliable long-term retention of email records, in order to mitigate risk.

Puremail is constantly adapting to emerging new standards in regulatory compliance - and can help you conform to these requirements, and adhere to best practices.

Long Term/Permanent Storage
Puremail also offers permanent storage of your archived email on off-line storage devices and WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) digital media such as CD, DVD, tapes, etc. In addition, Puremail can even ship your digital archives directly to your preferred vaulting service provider, in order to ensure disaster-proof long-term retention of your email at third-part locations.

Email as Legal Evidence

"Email records are increasingly used in lawsuits since they tend to contain important evidence. For instance, if your company is faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit, chances are that you will be ordered to search all company emails for messages relating to that person.

This is usually not just a matter of a quick keyword search. The retrieval often involves restoring thousands of emails on servers and result in slow and painful searches. Worse still, the court could even confiscate your computers as evidence."