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Bundled Solutions

Puremail uses Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery approach - offering full suite of email management solutions - without capital expense and IT overheads. The best part is, each one of these solutions are available On-Demand - with just a web-browser and a mouse-click.

Puremail's multi-tenant subscription model enables you to pick and choose the services you want, and pay only for what you use. And, as your needs change, you can add, modify or remove any service options at any time - with zero downtime.

Pay-As-You-Go - with minimum Total Cost of Ownership!

Here is a smapling of some of our most popular bundled packages:

  1. Inbound Email Security
    • Surveillance and threat-prevention - spam/virus filtering, identity-fraud (phishing) protection, block denial-of-service attacks, directory-harvesting, and unauthorized access
    • Monitor customer email systems (mail-server / gateway / network); and alert if problems detected
    • Delivery assurance - if customer email systems are down, incoming messages are accepted and held in a secure spool until affected systems are fully restored

  2. Outbound Email Security
    • Sender-authentication, and compliance with current reputation standards
    • Delivery assurance - continuous delivery attempts if the recipient is unreachable
    • Message screening for virus, prohibited attachments, and policy violations; and alert if objectionable content found

  3. Email Continuity, Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Real-time backup of incoming and outgoing email
    • 24x7 access to backup email via secure web-site - view all sent and received messages (with attachments); send messages using your official email address
    • Connect Outlook, iPhone directly to Puremail - and access email during outages

  4. Proof-of-Delivery and Message Tracking
    • Delivery Confirmation - electronic signature and time-stamp when message is delivered to the destination mail-server
    • Read-Receipt - electronic signature and time-stamp when message is viewed by the recipient

  5. Message Archival
    • Secure "off-site" archival of inbound and outbound email - up to 7 year retention
    • Messages are indexed and archived into monthly or weekly volumes
    • Archives are compressed into individual ZIP files, and can be downloaded

  6. Total Security Package
    • Inbound Email Security (package #1)
    • Outbound Email Security (package #2)
    • Email Continuity and Disaster Recovery (package #3)

  7. Total Access Package
    includes Total Security Package (#6), plus
    • Proof-of-Delivery and Message Tracking (package #4)
    • Message Archival (package #5)

  8. Total Freedom Package
    includes Total Access Package (#7), plus Fully Hosted Email
    • Eliminates the need for customers to own and maintain their mail-server, or use un-secure ISPs
    • Send and receive messages from Outlook, iPhone or other IMAP enabled client - using Puremail secure servers
    • Transfer old legacy email from current un-protected system (e.g. Exchange or other mail-server) - into secure Puremail environment
    • Seamless message and folder synchronization between multiple devices - cell-phone, office-desktop and home-computer
    • Advance web-based messaging and productivity tools - rich-text message formatting, spell-checker, address-book and calendar