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Puremail ensures that your sent and received email ALWAYS reaches the intended recipient, and provides traceable proof.

Message Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery of Outgoing Email
Increasingly, businesses are going paperless and rely on email to send important time-critical documents (e.g. invoices, agreements, etc.). However, there is no reliable way of knowing if sent messages were received by the other party. Also, from a technical standpoint it is very likey that messages may be rejected by the recipient's server/ISP, if sender is not fully compliant with Sender-ID authentication and reputation standards. Both of these issues lead to difficulties in ensuring the critical messages are delivered. This often results in lengthy follow-ups, delays, and lack of trust between the parties.

Puremail provides end-to-end message tracking, and captures electronic signature of the recipient with time-stamp. Also, Puremail adds its up-to-date security credentials and "seal of authentication" to your email - so the recipient sees it coming from a fully compliant and trusted source.

Puremail adds credibility to your outbound email and provides "third-party" validation:

  • Sender Authentication - that the message originated from your company (domain or IP address)

  • Proof of Mailing - that your message was sent and transmitted via a secure third-party carrier at a verified time

  • Proof of Delivery - that your message was delivered to the recipient at a verified time

  • Read-Receipt - that your message was opened by the recipient at a verified time
In addition, Puremail screens your outgoing email for any virus/malware and common spam language - and alerts you if your message is likely to be blocked by recipient's spam/virus filters.

Guaranteed Delivery of Incoming Email
Puremail acts as your email "receptionist" and accepts your email 24x7. As a result, your email is never lost during hardware/software/network failures, and equipment/facility relocations. Puremail continues to accept your email during such outages, and it is securely spooled into a queue. Puremail periodically checks if your email systems are back up online, and resumes delivery of queued messages when your systems become available again (read more about Puremail Solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery).

In addition, Puremail's 24x7 remote surveillance provides early warnings of potential vulnerabilities in your system - enabling you to take prompt corrective action and prevent outages.

"At our dental practice, we send large volume of digital X-ray images and other important data to insurance companies via email - but we had no way of knowing if they received our email. This caused lengthy follow-ups and delayed payments.

Then we switched to Puremail because they offered message tracking and proof-of-delivery. Needless to say, it changed how we communicate with others, and has significantly improved our operations.

I call them FedEx of email."

- Dr. Keith Bradburn, DDS
Bradburn Dentistry