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Email has become an integral part of business communications, and a vital information storage medium. Today's enterprises depend on email 24x7, and any downtime can mean lost productivity, lost opportunities, and unhappy customers,. That means you need to be prepared for any outages caused by hardware failure, network problems, software crashes, power loss, unexpected peaks in email traffic, and full-scale disasters. These internal and external threats diminish the continuing viability and usefulness of email systems for your business.

With Puremail as your partner, you minimize your exposure and vulnerability, protect your mission-critical email systems against diverse downtime risks, and speed your recovery if catastrophe strikes. Puremail offers a uniquely holistic approach and a mix of custom-tailored proactive and reactive services to ensure 24x7 availability of your email.

  • Puremail provides you redundant email infrastructure at remote "off-site" locations, without any capital expenditure

  • Puremail maintains continuous "Real-time" backup of all your incoming and outgoing email

  • In the event of system failures, network outages and other disasters, Puremail acts as your "hot standby" email system

  • Puremail provides full featured web-based email system - enabling users to access all new and old messages (including attachments); as well as reply and send messages using their official email address

  • In addition, Puremail also provides full connectivity and compatibility with Outlook, iPhone or other smartphones and desktop applications - so that users can simply point their personal email devices directly to Puremail - and access messages using their existing email setup

  • A transparent fail-over to Puremail helps provide your IT staff the time and resources to focus on resolving the initial problem that caused the outage, rather than scrambling to get email back online, or answer irate users complaining about their email

  • Puremail gives you the flexibility to establish temporary office locations, allow employees to work from home or on the road, and even utilize airport kiosks and Internet cafes

  • If your facilities are inaccessible for long periods, Puremail can help you keep your business running, by moving your email system to a secure, offsite facility and making it accessible from virtually any web-browser

  • Once the disruption is over and your primary email systems are online, you can quickly restore all email sent and received via Puremail during outage - back into your primary environment

  • Puremail's 24x7 remote surveillance provides early warnings of potential vulnerabilities in your system - enabling you to take prompt corrective action and prevent future outages
Puremail ensures business continuity - with uninterrupted flow of time-critical information between your users and customers - under virtually any condition