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Most email security vendors simply "filter and forward" email to customer's mail-server. As such, they require that customer must always own and maintain a mail-server. In contrast, Puremail offers "end-to-end" solution for enterprise email management. With Puremail's full-service hosted email, you do not need your own mail-server - eliminating the day-to-day hassles of hardware/software maintenance that result in constant IT overheads and downtime.

Integrated Messaging Server
Puremail offers a complete messaging platform for 24x7 email access. It is fully compatible with all IMAP enabled email systems - such as Outlook, iPhone or other smartphones and desktop applications. This enables enterprise users to connect their email systems directly to Puremail, and access their email from anywhere anytime - without the need for their own mail-server.

The best part is - Puremail provides seamless message and folder synchronization between multiple personal devices (smartphone, office and home computers). For example, a message sent from iPhone will automatically show up in Outlook's "Sent" folder. Similarly, a new folder created in Outlook will be updated and synchronized with user's web-mail account, and vice-versa.

Seamless Migration from "Self-Hosted" to "Cloud-Based" Email
Puremail enables smooth transition from self-hosted mail-server - to externally hosted and 24x7 managed secure messaging platform in the cloud. For example, you may continue to use your existing email setup, while gradually transitioning and synchronizing your email to an external "standby" system managed by Puremail. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can transfer your old/legacy messages from your current mail-server - into Puremail hosted secure messaging platform. Once the transfer is complete, you can switch to Puremail as your "primary" email system, and phase out your current mail-server. This minimizes the cost and complexity of system migration, and eases the transition to complete "outsourcing" of your email management.

Web-based Messaging and Productivity Tools
Puremail managed service includes a comprehensive web-based messaging environment - with 24x7 secure access from anywhere. It includes fully-integrated suite of productivity tools such as WYSIWYG message composer (rich-text/html editor), spell-checker, as well as contact manager, schedule manager (calendaring, tasks) and desktop manager (folders, notes) - with a familiar and intuitive interface.

State-of-the-Art Technology Infrastructure
Puremail infrastructure is designed to provide carrier-class performance, scalability, and reliability to millions of users. Puremail delivers 99.99% SLA using cutting edge "cloud computing" architecture which is virtually disaster-proof:

  • Multiple data-centers housed in Tier-1 facilities across geographically dispersed locations
  • Redundant network connectivity over multiple backbones
  • High-Availability with mirrored server clusters
  • Real-Time load-balancing and fail-over
  • Redundant data storage, backup and archival
  • Seamless disaster recovery
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) for network monitoring, threat surveillance and rapid response