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Puremail incorporates preventive and reactive security measures to combat intrusions, trojans (botnets), spam, phishing (fraud), virus, worms, denial-of-service, directory-harvesting and other email-borne threats. Puremail's advanced threat prevention system identifies, intercepts and stops such threats outside your perimeter - before they can harm your computers, servers or networks. Therefore, the security and integrity of your email systems is never compromised.

Protective Shield
Since Puremail is deployed at the "edge" of your perimeter, it acts as a "security fence" surrounding your internal email infra-structure. It is a well known fact that cyber-criminals and intruders find it easiest to hack into an enterprise network via "open" email (SMTP) ports. After entering an enterprise network via un-protected email ports, intruders often find other vulnerabilities within the IT infra-structure.

With Puremail providing an external security cover, you no longer need to open your email ports to the whole world (while you can still communicate with them via Puremail's secure gateway). Puremail not only prevents any intrusions via email ports, but also "masks" your email systems from being exposed. As a result, your internal system problems and deficiencies become invisible to the outside world.

Intelligent Adaptive FilteringTM
Most other spam-filters rely on black-listing IP addresses or keywords, which often results in high rate of false-positives (good messages blocked as spam). In contrast, Puremail uses its proprietary Intelligent Adaptive FilteringTM technique, which continually adapts to new categories of spam while learning from users' messaging profile - virtually eliminating any false-positives.

Also, Puremail empowers the enterprise policy-maker as well as the individual user to control what kind of email is "Wanted" or "Un-wanted". Using personalized preferences, a Puremail user may elect to receive certain types of email, while blocking other unsolicited mail.

Multi-Layer Virus Protection
Puremail offers comprehensive protection against virus, worms and other malware. Puremail has developed a proprietary malware detection technique Dynamic Abuse Reputation Engine (DARE)TM - which detects virus outbreaks in real-time, and identifies new "hotspots" as they emerge and replicate around the globe.

Puremail also scrubs each outgoing message, and prevents internal computers from inadvertently spreading virus to others inside and outside your network.

Puremail's unique multi-tiered architecture seamlessly integrates any number of anti-virus products from other vendors also - thus offering redundant protection, and PEACE OF MIND!

Sender Authentication
Puremail uses cutting-edge techniques to validate sender's credentials, and detect fake/spoofed email addresses - thus eliminating identity fraud. Puremail's adaptive filter quickly learns about deceiving characteristics of the phishing messages soon after they emerge. With its dynamic updates and rapid response, Puremail prevents phishing attacks from spreading further, and minimizes the damage.

24x7 Surveillance
Most email security solutions focus primarily on virus/spam filtering - but do not address other important aspects of enterprise email.

Puremail takes a "holistic" approach to ensure the stability and integrity of your email systems.

Puremail acts as an external "watch-guard" - and remotely monitors your email systems (mail-server, gateway and network). Our 24x7 remote surveillance provides early warnings of potential vulnerabilities in your system, enabling you to take prompt corrective action - and prevent further damage. Puremail can alert you if you have a network outage, hardware or software failure. Puremail also alerts you if your email systems are abused to transmit unauthorized content via your network. As a result, security and integrity of your email systems is never compromised.

Puremail filtering statistics for
Jun, 2018

Ad Fraud - 11.63%
Botnet - 19.64%
Phishing - 8.21%
Other spam - 20.47%
Virus, Trojans - 19.16%

Unsolicited Marketing email - 8.45%

Good Email - 12.44%