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Cloud Solutions Approach True Disaster Avoidance
Businesses spend a growing amount of time, labor, and capital resources in an effort to replicate critical data and technologies so that in the event of a loss, failure, or natural disaster, the operation can be back up and running as quickly as possible. Traditional approaches to disaster recovery typically address redundancy of data, hardware, and network. However, one major risk with this approach is that in most cases all the resources are in the same location. Localized redundancies are crucial in preparing to deal with disasters, but creating geographical redundancy is next step in moving toward actual disaster avoidance. more

Image Spam - The New Face of Email Threats
Email solicitations that use graphical images of text, are the latest and most dreadful form of spam. Image spam was almost unheard of back in 2005, but today nearly 40% un-wanted email is image spam. Also, image spam is the main reason spam traffic doubled in 2006, and it is getting worse. Unfortunately, current generation of spam filters are unable to keep up with this new threat. more

Email Security & Management - The Next Generation
The next generation of email security solutions must go beyond spam and virus protection, and encompass a wide range of issues including risk management, policy enforcement, IP protection, authentication, tracking, secure archival and audit compliance. Also, an "Outsourced" managed service delivery model would enable businesses to focus on their core competence, rather than the distractions of defending their email systems against increasingly challenging and time-consuming threats. more

Email Security & Management - Return on Investment (ROI)
Email has become a mission critical resource for businesses, with ever-increasing requirements and expenses of comprehensive email security. This white paper helps IT managers evaluate total cost of deploying email security solutions with the highest possible ROI for their enterprises. more

The Subjectivity of Spam Filtering
One of the problems with filtering "junk Email" or "spam" is a very human issue. People have remarkably different opinions, desired and needs, and therefore have different perceptions of what is junk mail and what is desirable. Even Paul Judge, original Chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG), said, "The definition of spam is highly subjective." more

Comprehensive Messaging Management - META Group
E-mail has emerged as the premier business communications tool of the 21st century. Users routinely cite multiple reasons why e-mail is preferred over the telephone, such as the ability to communicate with multiple parties at one time, the ability to interact at any time, and the generation of a written record. In fact, a 2003 META Group survey found that 80% of business people preferred e-mail over the telephone on a daily basis. more

Why Do You Need An Email Policy?
By having a good email policy in place you can secure your company in several ways. Firstly, the email policy helps prevent email threats, since it makes your staff aware of the corporate rules and guidelines, which if followed will protect your company more

Creating An Email Policy
Basically an email policy should include all the do's and don'ts concerning the company's email system more

Enforcing Email Policy
There are a number of ways in which you can enforce the company email policy more

Monitoring Email
Monitoring of email is the only way to make sure that no email policy rules are being breached. You can monitor emails that are stored on the company's systems to detect patterns of misuse, but the best way to monitor email is to automatically block or quarantine messages before they are sent or received. more