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Why Do You Need An Email Policy?

By having a good email policy in place you can secure your company in several ways. Firstly, the email policy helps prevent email threats, since it makes your staff aware of the corporate rules and guidelines, which if followed will protect your company.

Secondly, an email policy can help stop any misconduct at an early stage by asking employees to come forward as soon as they receive an offensive email. Keeping the incidents to a minimum can help avoid legal liability. For instance in the case of Morgan Stanley, a US investment bank that faced an employee court case, the court ruled that a single email communication (a racist joke, in this case) cannot create a hostile work environment and dismissed the case against them.

If an incident does occur, an email policy can minimize the company's liability for the employee's actions. Previous cases have proven that the existence of an email policy can prove that the company has taken steps to prevent inappropriate use of the email system and therefore can be freed of liability. WorldCom Corp. for instance, faced a court case from two former employees for allowing four racially offensive jokes on its email system. WorldCom successfully defended themselves because they had an email policy that spelled out inappropriate content and because they took prompt remedial action against the coworker who sent the racially harassing emails.

Finally, if you are going to use email filtering software to check the contents of your employee's emails, it is essential to have an email policy that states the possibility of email monitoring. If you do not have such as policy you could be liable for privacy infringement.  Read more about the legality of email monitoring


Disclaimer: The information present above is meant as a general guideline; and does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Please consult a professional expert or your legal advisor for specific matters related to creation, management and enforcement of your corporate email policies.

Creating An Email Policy

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Enforcing Email Policy

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